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The Errors Of Pope John Paul II


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Many Christians seemingly remained indifferent when such author as Dan Brown wrote in his The Da Vinci Code that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. How many Christians stood up in defence of Jesus, the Christian faith and the Truth? But many so far would not wish that any wrong doing of Pope John Paul II be mentioned as if any human being is infallible. These are for us to learn and take correction. If Christians could not stand up for Jesus Christ in terms of Dan Brown’s blasphemy in his book The Da Vinci Code what then shall we say?

I am of the opinion that Satan has not ceased from working hard trying to destroy the Christian church from within. The very beliefs that form the foundation of the church are disintegrating today, and Truth appears to have been greatly affected. Jesus commanded us to keep the command “LOVE” by loving people, by remaining faithful to the Truth and allow the Holy Spirit to do the rest. Anyone who has ever been made to feel prejudiced or unloving because he or she holds fast to this Truth will know what this is all about. The person may not be alone in this. If one thrust oneself forward for the faith by lovingly telling others the undiluted Truth they need to know about God, Jesus Christ and the gospel, one may face criticism. What might be the consequences to our world if Christians waver in fighting for God’s truth to prevail and standing up for Jesus Christ?  It is to be noted that when people probably do not like something in God’s Word, they try to tangle it to fit their own needs and agendas. This book tends to correct that and is transformational.

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Whether Roman Catholic, Protestant, or neither, no one can deny that the late Pope John Paul II is generally considered to have been one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century. His undeniable humility, charisma, and seemingly boundless capacity for forgiveness—even to the man who tried to assassinate him—impacted millions of people around the world. As the global leader of the Roman Catholic Church, which has more followers than any other religion in the world (around 1.18 billion at the end of 2014), the Pope’s words and actions were taken seriously and followed by countless multitudes.

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But were all his words and actions in line with the teachings of the Holy Bible? In this book, The Errors of Pope John Paul II, Emmanuel Opiah suggests they were not. While admiring and commending the late Pope for many of his outstanding achievements, the author brings to light the contradiction of the Pope’s Christ-like behavior and total devotion to God versus his blatant disobedience of the second commandment: “You shall not make for yourself a carved image … you shall not bow down to them…” (Exodus 20:4–6).

The author thoroughly details this conflict and offers some very interesting matters for stimulating debate among people from all walks of life, irrespective of their personal beliefs. So, what is your opinion?

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