About The Author

About The Author

The Author was called to the Lord’s service in 1989. He began by writing a pamphlet titled: Must We Obey Man Made Law Rather Than That Made By God? He distributed this pamphlet to many church dignitaries round the world.He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and Masters in Religious Studies.  He has so far written five books. He writes as led by the spirit of God. He does not write for the benefit of any particular Christian denomination or religion.

The five books Emmanuel Opiah had written so far are titled: The Sabbath, The Concept of God From The Time Of Abraham To Present DayJesus: The Word of God and The Christ, How Barack Obama’s Rise To Presidency Brings New Hope To The Whole Worldand The Errors Of Pope John Paul II

He is currently preparing two other titles for publication. He had also written short stories for his own magazine which is now out of print: The Light of The World.  

He is the Founder and Chairman of World Poverty and Conflict Reduction, Registered Charity Number 1052268 and also of Everlasting Gospel For Youth Fellowship International, Registered Charity Number 1063816.

His first book, The Sabbath, was as a result of his inquisitive mind during his earliest days or childhood days. He had re-written and up-dated this book, it is now in print. To purchases please click:    Since his first book Emmanuel has penned nearly six books and many short stories. He resides in the United Kingdom.

Emmanuel Opiah was running his own Insurance Brokerage Firm and producing co-operate gifts items before his calling to the Lord’s service. Before that time he had been searching for the truth. His search led him to read all religious and cultic literatures he came across. While doing this he kept an open mind and kept on asking himself the question where he would spend eternity. His mother had giving him, on her return from pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a book titled the Gospel of Jesus. This book is a combination of the four gospels written as one.

He had in the past read these gospels which at the time did not mean much to him and so did not consider it necessary to read this book his mother gave him. Four years later after having allowed the book to sit on the book shelf to gather dust, he picked up the book and began to read. As he read and read the Sermon on the Mount according to him, it was no longer him that read but the Spirit of God that read through him. It was at this point that he came to the realization that none of the so-called masters he had read into their works could in any way be compared to the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. This marked the beginning of a change in his life.

It was also at this time that he said to himself that he could see why God allowed him to read into the works of the so-called masters. Having been called to the Lord’s service, the Lord asked him to fast for thirty days which he did. The message that was revealed to him was the need to keep all of God’s commandments. The books he had written so far touch on the keeping of God’s commandments and service to God. He believes that obedient to God touches on all aspects of our lives. He had since then maintained his relationship with the LORD.

His interpretations of the scripture often times are not geared to suit any particular Christian denomination or religion. He writes and speaks as led by the Spirit of God.