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In this highly engaging and interesting thesis, the author traces the observance of The Sabbath from its origin in Genesis and the Ten Commandments through to New Testament references and the modern day. He also traces the transfer of the Sabbath commandment from the Saturday (seventh day) to Sunday (first day). This, he claims, was first made public by the edict enacted by Emperor Constantine on March 7, AD 321. The change from Saturday to Sunday was endorsed by Pope Gregory in AD 603 and has remained in effect for most Christian denominations today.

The author argues coherently for the duty of Christians to observe the Day commanded by God the Creator. He records the failure of Christian denominations and churches to unite in resisting the Sunday Trading Act of 1994, (United Kingdom) which he believes was simply a capitalization of greed, commercial interest, and the exploitation of retail workers.

Most conscientious Christians will find something to think about in this work and the easy accessibility of the writing will also appeal to the general readership.

Emmanuel Opiah is the founder of World Poverty and Conflict Reduction, and the Everlasting Gospel for Youth Fellowship International, both registered charities in the United Kingdom. To read more and to purchase visit: www.imagesin.info, www.eopiah.com   

He also takes readers on a panoramic journey from creation to present day in order to ascertain if the Sabbath commandment as written in Exodus 20:8-11 is still in force and binding on all God’s creatures that do work. This is a must read, as it is part of God’s Ten Commandments written with the finger of God, Exodus 31:18.To purchase click:  

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